Whirl-win weekend

So we’ve been out and about a whole lot, eating out, shopping, meeting up with family and friends, and all those receipts qualified us to take a turn at the so-called wheel of fortune at the mall. The line was long. Looked like we weren’t the only ones who’d been racking up some serious retail therapy.

Thankfully the lines moved quickly as shoppers took their turn at the wheel, mostly winning the small prizes like laundry bags, shoe bags and 16-pack tissues, you know, stuff of little value that I usually end up with. Since we had my aunt with us, we decided to let her have a go. You never know, right?

And I’m so glad we did because she stepped up, willed the wheel to do her bidding and out popped a little ball that said we won this!

The Lumix is the 3rd top prize and such a pleasant surprise. Of course, the girls get to keep it. Quite a handy travel camera, I must say.

My aunt took a second whirl at the wheel and won us a gym bag. I swear I saw her whisper something to that wheel both times 😉 .

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One Comment

  • Carole

    Lucky to win something. I found you through Crazy Mama’s fun blog hop. I linked in a post about an artist Klimt who did lovely art nouveau style pictures. Have a super week.