Pots in the air

I love to cook and bake. Dallying too long in the kitchen, not so much. Does this even make sense?

When I cook or bake, I’m never happy stopping at just one batch of cookies or one cake. I’m always baking 2 or 3 other things along with it. Classic example as I mentioned here, I baked a pound cake, a fruit cake, cream puffs and 2 batches of cookies – all in one afternoon. Well, okay, so I have 2 faithful little kitchen elves who help lighten the load and speed up the work.

Today, we’re having super-sandwiches for lunch. I’ve had 4 pineapples sitting in my freezer since last Friday. Steev is home for the summer and I’m making his favorite pineapple tarts which he hasn’t tasted in 2 years. So there I am, stirring my pineapple jam and frying up bacon and eggs for lunch at the same time while Raine is preparing the fresh ingredients for the sandwiches.

Juggling several pots does require a lot of focus though. As long as I don’t get distracted and sidetracked, I’m okay. But it’s easy to mess up. Take today for instance. I took my eye off the pineapple jam for a few seconds to check on the bacon and I ended up shoving the jam-coated spoon into my mouth and scalding my tongue. That ever happen to you?

Well, so much for that taste test. I know, I have only myself to blame 😳 . That said, a big doodah in the kitchen always leaves me feeling like I’ve accomplished a lot within a short time. And once I get all that slaving out of the way, I can get out of the hot kitchen and back to cuddling up with my computer again 😀 .

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