There’s a party goin’ on, y’all!

My home bakery reopened for business recently. Baking has been slow because the days have been brutally hot and humid. It’s a good thing the weather has been kinder of late because I needed to get a whole lot of baking done ahead of time.

So between me and the girls, we got to work and baked a pound cake, a fruit cake and…

… oatmeal cookies (oops, I thought I had 12, how come there are only 11?).

Not forgetting these adorable li’l cream puffs which are absolutely to die for. I love cream puffs but my kids, not at all. After tasting the ones from Beard Papa (brought to a party by a distant relative years ago), all 3 of them instantly swore off cream puffs foh-ever!

I knew I was taking a chance with these, not sure if my kids would try them again. But I figure, heck, I love them and I haven’t had any decent ones in over 10 years, so if I have to finish every single one of my cream puffs myself, I will!

Turns out my fears were ungrounded. My kids could not stop popping these and are even calling for an encore. I make my cream puffs small and cute. To me, real cream puffs shouldn’t be the size of your palm. They should be poppable aka small enough to pop right into your mouth for the cream to explode in all its yumminess.

I brought along a half dozen cream puffs to the airport when picking Steev up. Yup, Steev is back for the summer from Cali. If that isn’t a party in itself, I don’t know what is! I have all my 3 kids home with me and the house is filled with laughter, music and the sound of a video arcade from morning till night!

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!

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