Dear Braggamama

It’s been ages since our planets have come within 2 light years of each other and I was, in fact, beginning to thank my lucky stars when… well, just my luck that as I was packing to leave the gym, you should come walking in!

Okay, so you had me trapped between the machine you were on and where I was cooling off under the fan and air-conditioning. If I’d been hoping to get away with a hi and bye, I’d be kidding myself. It’s obvious no one runs into you and gets away with less than a deafening blast of your relentless trumpet.

You and I go back quite a ways. Your son and mine went to the same school, so we used to run into each other. a. lot. More and more, I was noticing a disturbing trend with you. You would ask leading questions like “Oh, did you go anywhere during the school break?” and…

… before I could open my mouth, you’d be rattling off details of your family vacations to far-flung lands, the new car you’ve just bought, the expensive private school you’ve transferred your kids to… as if I needed to know all that. No, seriously! 🙄

Now that both our sons are in college abroad (thankfully thousands of miles apart), your questions are centered around the topic of universities. Today your question was, when will Steev be graduating? Again, even before I could utter 3 syllables, you were off about which university your son is at, when he’ll be finishing and what’s next for him… 🙄

Great plans, good for you but it’s really none of my business.

As usual, I didn’t get a chance to say much. Just aha, hmmm, whenever you stopped to come up for air. I think you’d make a great diver, you can probably hold your breath underwater for a good half hour!

Sorry, I couldn’t help stifling mental yawns and rolling my eyeballs to my mental ceiling quite a few times. To be quite honest, I wasn’t not even listening half the time. I’m well-trained like that. I have lots of friends and family like you. So I’ve learned to switch off on demand.

Anyhoo, happy your son is doing well. So’s mine. And I hope you and I don’t run into each other too often.

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