Fitness guru or couch potato?

I’m definitely not a couch potato. I don’t watch enough TV. I wouldn’t call myself a fitness guru either simply because I don’t qualify. A bit of a fitness junkie maybe but definitely not guru.

I like to jump out of bed and hit the gym first thing. Our days start early so I like to get an early start. Thing is if I don’t get moving, once I park my butt at the computer, it won’t be that easy prying it off 😆 .

Somehow I like the idea of being one of the first few folks at the gym when it’s cool and quiet. I’m kidding myself, of course, because I’m rarely among the first few and by the time I walk in, rarely is the air fresh and cool either.

Still I love the endorphin rush and subsequent burn of an intense workout. I’m not exactly the most disciplined person though. But I try not to dwell on that too much. I just do what I can. If I take a couple of weeks days off, so what? Important thing is to cut yourself some slack. After all, being a mom comes first, right? 😉

Going Green with the Grizls
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  • Esther V

    I’m definitely a couch potato – but not because I sit and watch TV. I spend many of my hours working on my blog and working on my lesson plans for school! Now that school is out, I’m hoping to make a few changes that will follow me into the new school year. It takes 20 days to change a habit, right?

    Thanks for joining in on this week’s Totally Tuesday Blog Hop. Have a great week!

  • Hilary

    Just found your blog through the Blog Hop site. I can totally relate, I need to get out of bed and in the gym first thing. It makes me feel energized and motivated, once I plop on the couch it’s very difficult to get up so I try to avoid it until my day is winding down. Look forward to reading more!