Who says kids don’t remember?

It’s funny how we think that when we tell our kids something (do this, or don’t do that), they’re not really listening and will soon forget and then go do it again anyhow.

Well, just the other day, we were in the store looking at some kitchen stuff and as we turned the corner, we came to the glassware section.

Out of the blue, Hip2bDaughter2 burst out, “Mom, remember when we were little, when we were passing through the glass aisles, you used to tell us, “Keep your arms at your side. Just walk straight, just keep walking straight, no waving your arms around!!””

So true. Those were my exact words marching orders! Every time we passed through any glassware sections, I would always make my kids walk like little toy soldiers, hahaha, the poor things and they sure ain’t gonna let me forget it 😆

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