Simple weekday meals

On school days, our meals are pretty simple. I typically don’t like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen when the weather is this hot.

Monday was meatless Monday and the girls’ request was for scalloped potatoes (oops, forgot to take a pic) while I had myself a sweet soup of red beans, green peas and horse beans slow-cooked to yumminess. I couldn’t resist tossing in a few ice cubes.

After a meatless day, we’re like a pack of hungry wolves. For lunch, I cooked salmon shrimp linguine with broccoli, plum tomatoes in creamy red sauce (again forgot to take a pic). So so good we licked the platter clean. For dinner, I made 14 buffalo wings for the 3 of us. Mmm.

Of course there were leftovers. Enough to go nicely with homemade spaghetti marinara with carrots, broccoli and plum tomatoes.

What am I cooking tomorrow? I don’t know, we’ll see.

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  • Ugochi

    I just ate and you make my mouth go watery with these delicious looking foods.
    Found you on Follow me Wednesday.
    Now following you on Linky and NetworkedBlogs.

  • Kelly

    That looks so good right now! I just love buffalo wings!! Hopping over from the “Sit and Relax weekend hop.” Have a great weekend! ~Kelly @ Our Everyday Harvest