Weekly Schmooze #6

1. Ask me a question, any question. How about – what day is today? For me, this would be bad hair day. I took one look in the mirror this morning and screamed in fright. On a more positive note, this new shorter haircut is much more practical for my workout routine.

2. The plus side of ramping up your workout is that you feel 10 times more energized. And I have no sore muscles to report today.

3. They should draw squares on the floor next to the escalators with a sign that says “Decision Box. Stand inside this box until you’re done deciding if you’re going up or down.”

4. Doncha just hate it when a song you hate gets stuck in your head. Like that Zombie song by The Cranberries. Duh!

5. I love it when I try to tell someone they’ve undercharged me and they insist they are right. I would teach them to count to 3 but I have more important things to do aka shopping!


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