The eleventh hour

This is the typical scenario in our house on the weekend before the exams.

  • “Mom, I need to go to the bookstore. Got to buy some workbooks.” — “Okay, when are the exams?” — “Next week.”
  • “I can’t find my Biology book! Has anyone seen it? It has a blue cover.” — “Isn’t it on the table? Thought I saw it there.” — “No, that’s not the one! Can someone help me find it please? My test is tomorrow!”
  • “Has anyone seen my test timetable? Think I need to text my friend to text it to me!”
  • “How can you study with those headphones on?” — “Music helps me remember.” — Wokay 🙄 !

  • 4:00pm with book over head: “Zzzzzzzzzzzzz!” — “Wake up and get studying!” — “I am, Mom… by the process of osmosis!”
  • 20th trip to the fridge: “Where are you going – again!?” — “Hungry, Mom, gotta eat!”
  • 10:00pm: “Going to sleep, Mom, goodnight.”

No grades were harmed in the actual exams.

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One Comment

  • Cathy Kennedy

    Entertaining read! lol I’m guilty as the next person of misplacing things, but kids are the worse. Glad to hear no test exams were actually harmed in anyway.

    Your newest follower,
    Cathy =D