Weekly Schmooze #5 and Happy Mother’s Day

1. Quick tip: If you tend to procrastinate on running a certain errand, it actually helps to sandwich it between those that are a little less of a drag.

2. I don’t know what the big deal is about Zuckerberg wearing his hoodie to a meeting with prospective investors. At least it’s not indecent. Just look at the skirts our young women wear to work which barely cover their another-word-for-donkeys. 🙄

3. In “The Avengers” movie, the Black Widow says Loki has killed n number of people in n days and Thor replies, “He’s adopted” and people are upset and take it to mean it’s being directed at those who are adopted? I don’t get it. (1) It’s just a movie, it’s not real. (2) He’s referring to Loki. Are all adopted people named Loki? (3) Stop taking everything personally. Where’s your sense of humor? ’nuff said.

4. I love and value your comments, y’all know that. But if you’re going to use a name like “Grizzly Bear Holidays” instead of your name (or your grizzly bear’s if he insists, personally I wouldn’t argue with a bear), then your comment just won’t get approved.

5. Oh, that’s right, it’s Mother’s Day. How will I be celebrating? Good question, I’m not sure if I will be. I liked it when it was a little less commercialized. I’m not sure, we’ll see. Anyhoo, here’s wishing Happy Mother’s Day to moms, MILs, grandmothers, aunts and let’s not forget, any woman who’s ever played the role of mother to a child who’s needed one.

6. Picture of the week: Kiehl’s has a guy handing out free candyfloss and Hip2bDaughter2 got handed one. We each took a teeny bit of it and the rest went into the trash bin. We feel really guilty about throwing away food but sorry, Candyfloss, you’re just too sweet!

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