We don’t talk anymore

There we were at dinner one evening. At the table next to us was a family of 5. Daddy, Mommy, 3 kids – and 3 gadgets (see red arrows). Daddy is coaching the middle child (aged about 7). When I snapped this picture, they’d gone to the restroom. Mommy is coaching the youngest (aged about 5). The oldest child is well on his own.

Everyone is “busy”, “engaged”, eyes fixated on their screens. All is quiet. Not a beep from their table. The only communication in this family seems to be the wi-fi connection. Even after the food arrives, they’re still at it and barely ate. Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

It seems to be becoming more and more of a trend these days. Scary, I know. Families are spending time together – apparently – but they don’t talk. Couples are on dates but they don’t talk. The gadgets have taken over! 🙄

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  • Winnie

    Enjoyed your post. This Christmas my 10 nieces and nephews were all sitting on the couch after opening their gifts, and they spent a greal deal of the day focusing on various devices and screens… It was shocking to see them in a line like that. My hubby and I have agreed to turn off the laptops and have quality talking time.

  • Noel

    So wrong! It’s scary sometimes how techy our society has become. I’ve seen it happening for a while now. My husband and I used to work with youth at our church. The craziest thing would be when girls would talk away through the internet with me, but then in real life nothing! Hey there, found you through the Wed follow link up. Happy to be your newest follower.