The #Avengers – awesome is an understatement

Of course, we went to watch The Avengers. Did you really think we were going to miss it? For a coupla weeks, we’ve all been holding onto our toenails waiting for it. Man, how long has it been since we were at the movies again? Too long, chorus my two movie buffs. Think it’s been like over a year.

Okay, The Avengers. Well, the plot is simple. It’s the sort of good guys teaming up against One Major Bad Guy movie that the 10-year-old in me loves. We love Iron Man (snazzy geekery and Pepper Potts) and Captain America (6-pack and all!). But that’s pretty much all I’m going to say about the movie. I don’t want to spoil it for you guys who haven’t seen it yet.

So yes, we loved The Avengers. In a world of hypocrites, leeches and piranhas, we sure could use a couple of hours of superheroes. And the fact that our cushy Gold Class movie tickets fell from the sky and came with free popcorn, Coke and these…

Woah, at 18 and 16, you would think my lovely teens are long done with toys. But you should’ve seen the giant grins on their faces when they were handed these 5 mini muggs (as they are called?) and since then, The Avengers have been making surprise appearances on my desk, my dresser, my dashboard …

Here’s Thor, in my kitchen, keeping an eye on our Bratwurst sausages. Don’t anyone move or I’ll hammer your fingers to a pulp, heh heh heh!!

It’s a great movie to bring the whole family. Lots of action. A plot that’s simple enough even for kids to understand. The girls and I may just go watch it again. Have you watched it yet? If so, what do you think?

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