Our everyday dishes

The most asked question in the Hip household is “what’s for dinner?”. But you already knew that… from all the food posts and less-than-glamorous food photos I’ve been posting. Brace yourself, here come more photos of (as my post title says) our everyday dishes.

Let’s start with what we ate today. Spaghetti olio e aglio with Bratwurst sausages and grilled zucchinis, carrots, onions and peppers. Best darned thing ever! Judging from all the rave reviews today, I predict this will become our new favorite pasta dish.

Our current favorite is Cajun-style spinach fettucine with greens and grilled salmon. If it’s pasta, we’ll basically eat it (with a few exceptions, of course!)

Potatoes are also a staple on our daily menu. Hip2bDaughter1, my Chief of Russets, takes it upon herself to ensure we never run out of potatoes. If we ever move, it’d likely be to Idaho 😉 .

Roast chicken, any style, is always a yay on our menu.

Then there’s all those funky salads the girls love throwing together.

And Hip2bDaughter2, our Chief of Fresh Fruit, personally picks out our fruit selection every weekend. She usually makes a beeline for the Dole bananas 😛 . She’s also been known to crack the whip on us if we forget to eat our fruits *shudder*.

What are your family’s everyday dishes?

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  • Katherine

    I want to eat dinner at your house every night. I refuse to show my husband your blog in fear that he will want me to do more than I’m capable of, lol.

    • Kirsten

      WOW very yummy looking. I need some new recipe idea’s… and I very good and printing them out and saving them, but using them well that is another story 🙂

      I found you on a blog hope just to let you know and I will continue to follow you. If you get the chance I would love for you to come by and say HI ……