Table for one

It feels strange to be eating alone today without my kids. Hip2bDaughter2 is in school and I’ve just dropped Hip2bDaughter1 off at college, and am sticking around to wait for her to be done with her one class today. The traffic has been insane this week so instead of driving all the way home and back, I parked myself at a nearby McD’s.

McD’s was often my savior when the kids were younger but we’ve moved on. We haven’t set foot in a McD’s for like 2 or 3 years now. So it feels strange to be sitting there,┬áwithout the kids, having my second breakfast of the day – a muffin sandwich which isn’t half bad actually and a cup of Arabica coffee which I used to affectionately call dishwater coffee ­čść .

I am reminded that I somewhat enjoy eating alone. Sitting backed against the wall and letting my eyes travel the room freely gives me a sense of an undercover detective in a movie. Back when I was working in Corporate Tower, I used to do that. a lot. I would leave for lunch an hour early, sometimes earlier even. Because I could.

There’s no squeezing into crowded elevators, waiting for my food and rushing through my lunch. I like walking into a food place and feeling like I own it. Somehow when a restaurant is busy, it rushes me into wanting to gobble up everything and leave. Today was nice. A quiet bit of me time to sit and watch the world go by. I do enjoy eating alone sometimes, do you?

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One Comment

  • julie marling

    New follower from weekend hop! I used to hate eating alone but now I welcome it. Funny how things change. I like your blog. I look forward to following it. Stop by when you get a chance!