Weekly Schmooze #3

1. I swear Raine has sixth sense. Over the past few days, she’s been thinking it’d be cool to sign up for Instagram since it’s now available on the Android. Toying with the idea but procrastinating. In a good way, I guess. Because we woke up one morning and bam, FB has bought over Instagram. Oh well, now I can forget about signing up, she announces. So glad my kids can think for themselves.

2. I swear I’ve never heard any of Gavin DeGraw’s songs. But my lovelies insist I have. When? What song? They wouldn’t tell me but they say it was playing in the car one time on our way to their guitar class and “you didn’t punch the radio”. I didn’t?!! Wow, my kids know me so well 😆 . Yup, I have this habit of stabbing the poor radio if the singer doesn’t agree with me.

3. That’s twice I started a sentence with I swear. Am I swearing too much or what?

4. I’m sitting here trying to plan next week’s menu. As if I could ever do that. You know I’m a cook-on-the-fly kind of person. The funny thing is that the week shwooshes by so fast that you can’t even recall what you ate last week. Can you remember what you ate last week because I sure as heck can’t? All I remember is that I made these oven-fried potato chips (so no need for phenterex) and they tasted amazing with my homemade guacamole.

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