If I could dance like that

If I ever said I was hooked on The Voice, well, I’m so over that now. Dancing With The Stars is back and that’s where I’m at. This is the first season I’m actually watching from the beginning. Last season, I only found out mid-season that Nancy Grace was on (have I been living under a rock? seriously!) and went to have a peek.

I got hooked right there. I’m a big fan of Nancy Grace’s. Maybe I see a little of her snarkiness and outspokenness in myself. Maybe a part of me wishes I’d gone to law school. But that’s a story for another day 😆 .

Nancy’s pro dancing partner last season was Tristan McManus and they made a really cute pair. He seems like such a regular nice guy. Totally adorable, Irish accent and all 😆 . He’s back this season with Gladys Knight and I’m officially a MacManiac.

This has been a particularly hard week. The music was rather weird, at least to me. I was sad Jack Wagner had to go home last week and now Sherri Sheperd. They clearly can dance (better than some). He’s so funny, she’s so bubbly and they both have super positive outlook but sadly didn’t garner enough votes to stay in the game.

Gavin Degraw, never heard of him before this but my girls like his songs, and omg, that smile is so adorable, so okay, we’ll go with Gavin. Gladys Knight, I really admire folks who don’t let their age limit what they can and cannot do, and she has such a great attitude about this.

So that leaves me wishing, darn, if I could dance like that! With 2 left feet, I guess I can only dream. If you need me, you know where to find me Monday nights! 😉

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