Weekly Schmooze #1

This was supposed to be week 4 of Saturday Snippets but I didn’t quite get around to posting this on Saturday. So here comes Weekly Schmooze which will make its appearance either on Friday, Saturday or Monday hence giving me more time to procrastinate 😳 .

1. One day last week, a stranger rang our doorbell twice within a few hours. Unfortunately he didn’t look anything like Paul Walker or I might’ve opened the door.

2. Not sure how those 2 cars landed up on the road divider. Windscreen of the bigger car had a big old spider’s web on it. Don’t these things have airbags?

3. Almost got a ticket for double parking. Had to run into the store for 30 seconds to grab my baking supplies. The lady officer was so nice she beeped her horn to give all the double parkers fair warning. Saved by the bell. Bless you, woman ma’am!

4. I had no reason to think coffee wasn’t vegetarian until I read the news last week that crushed-up bugs is an ingredient in a very popular coffee. Starbugs, anyone?

5. Had this at Friday’s and am craving it again. The pasta, not the sodium. Think I’m going to cook this for lunch this week 😉 .

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  • Debbie

    That dish does look yummy!! I also was running a bit behind on “my week at a glance” post. I enjoyed your post, following you via google+ and twitter, linky followers, facebook. I am visiting your blog through the BloggyMoms April hop link up.