Saturday Snippets #3

1. Came home from sitting in traffic for 1.5 hours and discovered our laundry’s all done. Elves are real, y’all! 😉

2. Good thing my girls said to forget John Carter. Just read the news report that “Disney says ‘John Carter’ to lose $200 million”.

3. It totally shocks and disgusts me that people are still eating sharks fin soup! Hel-llo?? Wanna know what they do to those sharks? They fish them up, slice off their fins and throw them back into the water to die slowly! You (know who you are) might also like to know that sharks are living, breathing things that feel pain!

4. The girls are both working on their public speaking assignments. Wearing these thinking caps all week has been a strain. Well, at least we have the topics down pat. The rest should be a piece of cake. Still I’m starting to think maybe we all need a break. Thinking Cali :wink:.

5. Been a week of deep, meaningful discussions with my girls about what’s making news these days. From religion to prejudices to common courtesies to what makes a person tick. Tingles up my spine!

6. Today’s National Unplugging Day. Can you do it?

  • Shut down your computer… sorry, no can do!
  • Turn off your cellphone… gladly, it’s always in the other room anyways.
  • Stop the constant emailing, texting, Tweeting and Facebooking to take time to notice the world around you… no problemo.
  • Connect with loved ones… yup, me and the girls are connected on wifi. 😉
  • Nurture your health… no sugar in my coffee.
  • Get outside… you kiddin’ me? it’s freakin’ 93 degrees out with a humidity of 930!
  • Find silence… listening to Ronan’s “When you say nothing at all”, does that count?
  • Avoid commerce… I would’ve if the utilities companies hadn’t robbed me of 196.30 today!
  • Give back… look who’s talking!
  • Eat together… we just had Chick in a Blanket (my version of Pig in a Blanket) – chicken wrapped in bacon. Roast carrots and potatoes. Iceberg lettuce with a touch of 1000 Island.

Have a fab weekend!

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