Should parents pay their kids to do the chores?

Was reading the news about a NC dad who pelted his 15yo daughter’s laptop for posting a rude piece about her parents on Facebook. Have you heard? Well, he posted a video response on her FB wall reprimanding her and then ended up firing 9 rounds into her laptop.

I can so see why he flew into a rage when he read the things she wrote. Frankly I would’ve too. She was ranting (with a healthy dose of expletives) about how she had to do chores around the house (like sweeping the floor and making her own bed, wow!) and saying that (get this!) her parents should pay her for doing stuff around the house.

That, if you ask me, was totally disrespectful and downright unacceptable! I’ll say he had every reason to be angry and disappointed but well, okay, his reaction might’ve been ju-ust a tad over the top 😀 .

I have to admit that at one point, I was contemplating paying my son to wash my minivan. Many parents pay their kids to do chores around the house, to help out, even to score good grades in their exams (wow, this one’s really got me 🙄 ). I know.

Well, at first, I thought it might be a good way for them to learn how to manage their money. Then again, they can always learn to do that with their allowance, right? So I changed my mind before I started what might’ve been a dangerous precedence for turning money into an incentive for everything they do.

Turns out Tommy Jordan, the laptop-shooting daddy, has it along the same lines as what I was thinking. His argument is this.

You live here in this house where we, your parents pay for everything – your laptop, your cellphone, your clothes, your shoes, your holidays, your education, your everything… And all you have to do is go to school, get driven back and forth heck, eat meals you don’t even have to cook yourself, collect your allowance and I have to pay you to do stuff around the house??!!

Indeed! Thanks for saying it out loud. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m your parent, not your employer, and as the family, we shouldn’t be bringing dollars and cents into every little thing we do. Well, that’s just me. What do you think?

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  • Cassie W

    I think you and Tommy Jordan are completely right. 🙂

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  • Cassie W

    I like your reasoning. Wolf Prince isn’t old enough to do chores, but we won’t be paying him when he is. New follower stopping by from Social Buzz Blog Hop. Now following on RSS, linky followers, networked blogs, and twitter.

  • Chantel

    Um, why do they get an allowance if they’re not helping? In our house, we don’t pay extra–but that $5 a week is BASED on their attitude and chores. (I have three boys, 10, 11 & 12) I don’t think they’re entitled to an allowance…..frankly, any more than they are entitled to anything else. We are all part of a whole–each of us doing our part. (also, when one gets grounded for whatever reason, part of grounding in our house is that for dinner they get a cold cheese sandwhich and an apple in their room–holy heck, when the house smells of delicious roast and brownies, you’d be amazed how effective this is!) We really focus on not taking the luxuries and each other for granted.

    Life is the greatest teacher. Consequences are real. Remain calm, but steady–especially in that emotional world of children! (I remember calmly explaining to my eldest that doors were not for slamming, they were for giving one the privilege of privacy. The next time he slammed his bedroom door, my husband calmly took it off the hinges for a week. He hasn’t slammed the door in two years.) 🙂

    • Clairity

      Interesting comment 🙂 Love what you’re saying about how in a family, we are part of a whole and whatever we do, it should be for the good of the whole.

  • momto8blog

    we go back and forth on this! We expect many things from our kids because I need the help and because I know it helps them so much in life… chores are beneficial in so many ways..they learn how to do stuff, they learn responsibility, accountability, appreciation etc…but i also know when i pay them life is just easier!
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  • Eveli Acsota

    Great post! I think all parents have to decide on that one. I don’t pay my kids for chores. They need to help out as a family. If I give them money, they know to be responsible with it. I don’t want them to see it as earned, or an incentive, more as a gift. But they are very responsible and learned to save up, knowing how much things cost and that money doesn’t come easy to us. New follower thru BHE! To follow me, here’s my link 🙂