Chicken feet in the nick of time

So here we are. In hibernation mode and really happy about it. We didn’t budge this entire weekend except for a quick trip to grab some Thai food. Cravings are cravings. You can either do something about it quick, or you can spend all night tossing and turning with wild images of trying to outrun ’em chicken feet 😆 . No Thai meal is complete without these 3 orders.

Chicken Feet Salad – note that harmless-looking red chilly right there that’s going to send you straight through the roof but the crunch of the chicken feet is worth the pain!

Seafood Tomyam Soup in a flaming pot with tons of that same birds-eye chilli and guaranteed to set your mouth and tongue on fire!

Even the unspicy Chicken in screwpine leaves comes with a little saucer of chilly sauce.

And that was our very laid-back weekend. Nowhere to go. No inclination to go anywhere. Just hanging out at home sweet home!

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