Saturday Snippets #1

The days go by in a flash most weeks. So many things happen that can quickly be summarized into short snippets. They’re just little things or fleeting thoughts running through my head. I’ve done these lists before and I like how easy they are to put together into a short post. So I’m considering making a series out of them.

1. Rushing around like a wild woman this week. Seems like I accomplish more under pressure. Anyone else?

2. So why am I standing there holding the elevator open as 4 strapping college men file in past me, one by one? And not one has the courtesy to say thank you!

3. Ramped up my workouts this week. Time to get out of my comfort zone. Now I’m sore in muscles I didn’t know I have. No pain, no gain, right?

4. Good to know that there’s one mom out there who is standing her ground and going, who cares what the herd is doing or saying, I’ll do what’s best for MY kid.

5. 41-year-old teacher quits his job, leaves his wife and 3 kids, and moves in with his 18-year-old student who is a friend of his eldest daughter’s aged 17. Following their hearts, oh gimme a break! She just needs a father figure and he’s going through a midlife crisis. My 2-second psychoanalysis 2 cents. Mom (hers) is going after Teacher. Good for Mom!

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