If I have to turn around one more time

Some days are crazier than others around here. And yesterday was one of the crazier ones. I was running late sending Raine to college. She had a 10:00am class but by the time I pulled up at the college gate, it was 10 past. She gave me a hasty peck, jumped out of the car and I drove off.

A couple of corners later, I get a call from Raine in a high-pitched voice “Mom, turn around, class is cancelled!!” Now tell me, which kid isn’t excited about a class being cancelled? Sometimes I think they pray for a class to be cancelled 😆 .

That’s not the end of this story though. There was still her 4:00pm class. Ten minutes into our journey, it started to pour like nothing you have ever seen. I mean, we get huge, torrential downpours here all the time but this was like the heavens were intent on emptying every drop of water up there.

Combine that with ghastly gusts of high wind, lightning dissecting the gloomy skies and a flooded highway… and you have one heck of a storm!


What’s up with the weather these days? Now I’ve driven in a combination of dense fog and heavy rain along the coast of California, but nothing like this! I had my headlights and wipers on max and I still couldn’t see!

My biggest worry though was less about the storm and more about our brilliant drivers. You’d think the first thing folks would do is turn on their headlights so others can see them. No! You’d think they would stop speeding and switching lanes. No!

Wokay, that’s it!! I didn’t need any more reasons to turn around and head back home. Forget trying to get to class. Let’s just get off the roads.

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