Restaurant tells parents to control their misbehaving kids

It seems there’s been quite a lot of discussion in the news lately about keeping (I won’t use the word banning) kids out of airplanes and restaurants. In the latest article I read here this morning, a family restaurant in Atlanta has issued a statement to parents to please take their crying and unruly kids outside so the other diners can eat in peace.

The Grant Central Pizza in Grant Park put up this disclaimer in their menu:

β€œDear all present and future patrons: GCP is proud of its reputation as a family restaurant, a title that we will work to keep. Unfortunately a number of our diners have posted unpleasant experiences because of crying and unsupervised children. To ensure that all diners have an enjoyable lunch or dinner with us we respectfully ask that parents tend to their crying tots outside.”

Apparently the restaurant owner was prompted to take action after receiving negative reviews, and an unpleasant encounter with a parent whose child throw a toy which hit another diner on the head. OMG, I hope it was a soft toy πŸ˜€ .

These days, children’s so-called toys can be lethal weapons. My idea of a toy would be, say, a harmless doll or a few tamiya models. But it seems, more and more, parents’ cell phones and iPads are becoming playthings and a source of distraction for kids.

As a mom, I’m all for bringing the kids out and having a fun time. Granted, kids will be kids but if they start misbehaving in public, we’ll just have to step in now, won’t we?

What do you say?


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  • Tonia

    I have children so I believe I’m qualified to speak on this topic. As a parent when I took my children out to dinner I was always mindful of others. If my children began to act up I took them to the restroom or outside to handle the problem. I didn’t take they’re just kids attitude, that’s a poor excuse.

  • KimD

    When I was not a parent, children annoyed the heck out of me in restaurants and airplanes. The parents even more because I couldn’t understand how they were not annoyed by their kids too.

    Now as a parent, I get even more annoyed with kids in restaurants–unless it is a kid’s restaurant or an obnoxiously already loud flared up neighborhood type place that encourages kid-like behavior!

    I also get how parents can tune out the craziness of kids, it’s a survival thing, just let it kick in where there are a majority of kids, not adults! If your kid can’t sit still to eat, take them to the mall food court instead! πŸ™‚

  • ThaiHoa Burroughs

    I would definitely take my child out the van and handle it. I think too many parents just expect other people to deal with it because they are kids, and I agree kids will be kids, but you are still the parent.