Sunday Shopping – Cheery, comfy tops for busy moms

Let’s face it, moms run around a lot, and I mean, a lot! And because we do, we want to be wearing something we can be comfortable in all day. And by comfortable, I don’t mean drab and frumpy. You can be comfortable and yet look like you’re carrying the sunshine in your clothes and your smile.

Motel Olivia Face Print Top

I love the black and white oversized face on this Motel Olivia Face Print Top and the finger on those bright red lips going “ssshh” is priceless. To quieten down your kids, simply point to your shirt and go “see this? it says ssshhh” 😆 .

Not only that but those red lips contrast perfectly against a black and white background, and since the shirt hits at the hips, it’s just the perfect length to camouflage big hips and butts when paired with skinny jeans or leggings.

Up in the Primaries Sheer Striped Top

This adorable short sleeve Up in the Primaries Sheer Striped Top is made of sheer ivory chiffon printed with poignant stripes in red, yellow, blue, and grey. A really cute and happy top. The cuffed button tab sleeves have matching striped buttons for the kind of detail that really counts.

Headdress Rehearsal Grey Print Top

This soft grey knit top with a cozy oversize design, easy scoop neck, unhemmed dolman sleeves, and a trendy high-low hem is perfect for the weekend outing. You can easily pair this Headdress Rehearsal Grey Print Top with a pair of jeans or leggings. Love that unique black and rust headdress print!

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