A place to destress

For the past couple of weekends, the girls and I have been sneaking off to a little Japanese place which serves these gorgeous dragon rolls. Japanese is one of our favorite go-to’s for stress relief, and these weeks have been kinda stressful. So what the heck, right?

Quite honestly, we can’t decide which one of these dragon rolls we like better. They taste different but they both taste so good. I love drenching my roll in wasabi even if it makes me sneeze sometimes when that powerful pungence travels up my nose 😆 .

Hip2bDaughter2’s favorite is this unagi rice. Unagi is Japanese for eel. Well, I try to think of this as fish, not eel when I’m eating it. It’s not hard because it smells heavenly. And I would dab my spoonful all over with wasabi.

Hip2bDaughter1 loves this beef rice and I have to agree. We rarely eat beef at home so this is kinda a nice little treat for us.

And let’s face it, we all love tempura. For me, it would be a sin to go to a Japanese restaurant and not order tempura. So ebi tempura (shrimp) and yasai tempura (assorted vegetables) is a must.

Not to forget that piping hot green tea. Looking at these pictures is making me drool. We definitely need to do this more often.

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