Can a week have more than one Monday?

I want the holidays back!! It would be an understatement to say I wish we were carrying over our laid-back days from last year. Going by the first 3 days of my topsy-turvy taxi schedule, it’s going to be a REAL stretch in the coming weeks, and it’s only the 9th day of the year.

I’m usually indifferent to Mondays but this last Monday takes the cake. I barely got 3 hours of sleep on Sunday night. Must be the tea I drank at dinner time or something. For someone who needs 8-10 hours of sleep, 3 hours is almost no sleep at all. So clearly, it’s not going to work!

Nevertheless I had to be up at 6:00a Monday morning to have breakfast with the girls and drive Hip2bDaughter2 to school. I would’ve jumped straight back into bed if I hadn’t just washed my hair and had to wait for it to dry. And no, I do not own a hairdryer and I’m not one to dash out in my jammies without brushing my teeth either. Not me!

As we turned the corner to Hip2bDaughter2’s school, Mrs BA aka Bad Attitude (lots of those around these parts!) turned right into my path as I was turning into the opposite lane. Clearly I wasn’t in a good mood so I gladly waved my middle digit. Not proud of it but she asked for it.

We usually try to eat lunch together which, on most days, means 3:00p when Hip2bDaughter2 gets home from school. That’s why you keep hearing me rant about the long school hours. If you ask me, 3:00p is tea time, not lunch time. And do longer school hours make smarter kids, I wonder?

The last taxi run of the day was at 7:30p with one stop for gas. Note to self: fill up on the weekend, why don’t you? Dinner was at 8:00p by which time our tummies were in knots because dinner is 2 hours later than usual. Shower at 8:30 and by 9:30p, we were ready to call it a day and hit the pillows!

The past 3 days have been Mondays for us. I wonder if it’s time to move to another planet.

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  • ThaiHoa Burroughs

    I believe longer school hours make tired kids. I think here in Raleigh NC they get out at 2:15?? You are so right 3:00 is definitely tea time, and I too miss the holidays and Christmas music. It goes by way too fast. Now with me adjusting to a newborn and my daughter turning 2 next week, sleep? What does that even mean?