The sandwiched week

So Christmas is over. Just like that, huh? I’m feeling a little cheated this year because the lead-up to Christmas was so short and stressed (what with the semester ending in mid-December and all the crazy stuff that’s been going on around here) and Christmas was somehow gone in a flash and we only have one more box of leftover turkey and brown gravy to show for it.

We slept in on Boxing Day. Sleeping in is a rare luxury around here. We’re usually up at the crack of dawn but lately it’s been cold which makes it even harder to drag yourself out of bed. It’s easier to just slam down that alarm clock, let that annoying beep float over your subconscious state and roll lazily out of bed at 8:30 than be up at the stroke of 6.

Ten, eleven hours of sleep is great and all but it sure is disruptive on our workout routine. Tsk tsk tsk! This morning, we set 3 alarm clocks to get ourselves jumping out of bed into our gym pants. How’s that for motivation? That plus this… best thing ever!

Here’s to one amazing leftover turkey sandwich before a new year rolls in. Cheers!

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