Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Just when I thought this entire week, aka the week before Christmas, aka my favorite time of the year, was headed for the dumps, well, long story short. After a super-stressful week, a silver lining appeared.

Hip2bDaughter2, my budding 15-year-old canine psychologist and sous chef, made straight A’s in the major exam she took in October this year. That’s 7 A’s straight without attending a single hour of tutoring. I think that’s really something!

And lest you think I’m some tiger mom who cracks the whip on my kids, drowns them in books all day with no breaks, deprives them of the joys of childhood and inspires them by calling them garbage, let me confess that I’m far, far from being one. I don’t do any of that and they still come out with straight A’s, all 3 of my kids 😉 😉 *roar* !

Hip2bSon and Hip2bDaughter1 also did really good in college this semester and I guess all of this has me strutting around like a peahen! Peahen? No, we’re having turkey and it’s not going to be one of those rip-off store-bought ones. I’m going to roast the turkey myself complete with potatoes, brown gravy, the works. Oh yeah!

Okay now, our nails are all done up and we are so ready for the holidays 😀 ! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my lovely readers, tweeps and followers!

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