The Hip Bakery

I feel like I’ve just spent the last 10 hours trudging through a desert. Which I haven’t, of course, but it sure feels like it. I’m hungry, severely dehydrated and tired. It’s been quite a day. A story for another day.

But a promise is a promise. Before I hang up my feet, let me leave you with some photos to feast your eyes on. Feel free to drool… just not on my keyboard. I would post the recipes too but then I would have to kill you 😆 .

Here’s our wholemeal bread. So dense, so beautiful. I’m tired of paying for store-bought bread which is essentially air these days. We eat 3 slices of wholemeal air and we’re hungry in no time. We eat 3 slices of these and we’re good for a full 4 hours.

Just look at that gorgeous crust dusted with sesame seeds and almond bits!

Okay, you gotta look at this. My attempt at a retro shaped loaf. When you cut it, you get these amazing slices with the mushroom tops. So cool!

And here’s our fruit cake. My bad that it looks so crumbly. We were so eager to taste it I didn’t wait for it to cool completely before I sliced it.

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  • Tami

    Not fair! 😉 Looks like you’ve got some serious baking skills, girl!

    New friend on Twitter (I’m @CO_MtnMom) and I think we’re Google circled together, too? Just dropping by to check out your blog – I like it!

  • Lisa

    These look delicious! I’m impressed.

    I found your blog through the Friday blog hop and I’m stopping by to say hi! If you have a chance, please visit my blog as well.