Ready for the holidays

I’m done with classes. I can’t believe today went that quick. It’s such a relief but I will miss my students for sure. Some came up to shake my hand. Some said they hope I’ll be teaching them next semester. A few said they wanted to take me to try the food from their country.

I really enjoyed this bunch of kids. Well, technically not all of them were teens, I had students in their 20s and 30s. Just some really nice people to work with and a few naughty ones too but I will miss them just the same.

Anyhow I came home, dropped off my bags and took the girls straight out to lunch…

… at Nando’s, one of our favorite places where we even have a table we call our own. We haven’t been there in like months. Love their grilled vegetables and peri wedges.

What the girls and I really enjoy is the luxury of just sitting back and having a leisurely conversation over an unhurried lunch. This is probably the best time of the year for us to be able to do that. The holiday season is truly just that for us, the holidays where the girls are completely free from anything to do with school and homework.

I’ve never ever signed them up for any holiday classes or school camps of any sort. Come on, don’t be ridiculous, I would never do that to my kids 😆 ! The holidays are for kids to be themselves, to hang out, to do the stuff they’re too busy to do during the school year, and to pursue new interests if they so choose.

Such as canine psychology which Skye is so into these days, and exploring fashion and nail art which is Raine’s area. As for me, I’m giving my girls baking lessons at home even though I’ve never attended a single baking class myself, ho ho ho! Stay tuned for where we went after lunch.

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