Need a break

Whew, glad the weekend is here. It’s been an incredibly crazy week in the Hip household.

  1. Hip2bDaughter1 is smack in the middle of her finals AND trying to plan her schedule for next semester.
  2. Is this National Sign-up Week or what? Entirely too many things to sign up for, none of them free!
  3. We shifted office at work temporarily due to remodeling. Now my desk is reduced to 3 files sitting at the corner of someone’s desk.
  4. Hip2bDaughter2 and I baked a lovely blueberry cheesecake but we had a biscotti disaster. Lesson learnt: Don’t bake if you can’t focus on measuring ingredients.
  5. I’ve been feeding my students lots of candy. I need a sugar fix but decided, better them than me!
  6. Someone please remind me to pick out Christmas cards for Steev’s roomie’s parents and uncle, and make guacamole before my avocados go bad.
  7. At least my phone did me a favor and died again. I’m in no mood to take calls.
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