What neighborly feels like

We just got back from the mall and let me tell ya, it was packed! There was a big sale going on and we didn’t know. Well, now that we do most of our shopping online, there’s no reason to keep track of what’s going on in real life.

We figured we really didn’t have anything to buy except maybe more nail polish?! To quote Hip2bDaughter2, one more color, or four, never hurt anyone. This then is her “very humble” collection 🙄 . With today’s 4 new additions, she needs a bigger box to accommodate them all *bah*.

So we were milling around in the crazy crowd being bumped around by folks who clearly have no concept whatsoever of personal space. While I was engrossed with trying out some nail colors, one lady practically glued her body onto my back as she attempted to squeeze between me and the clothes rack. Guess the words “excuse me” don’t exist in her vocabulary 🙄 .

Never mind that. Another surprise was waiting for us as we turned the corner. There standing right behind Raine was our neighbor’s DIL (who, by the way, also lives next door with her husband and kids)… with a big toothy hi, no less! I swear my jaw dropped to the floor even as I struggled to utter my most neighborly hi in reply!

Here’s a woman who has never acknowledged us in all the years she’s lived next door! The only 2 occasions she’s ever spoken to me on the phone (like we were old friends?! *gag*) were when she desperately needed to get in touch with her MIL (a really nice lady, btw) and their house phone was out of service! That’s it!

Here’s a woman who peeks over our fence to see what I’m wearing, and then soon after, I see her wearing something similar. Ultimate fail! I don’t know what it is with her – is she competing with me, or is she just a fan of my fashion style? Well, she can try… but she sure don’t have my cute J Lo butt, so there!!

And yes, this chance meeting with my biggest ‘fan’ really freaked me out, big time! If only all my neighbors were THIS warm and friendly! No, seriously, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, love the woman *shrug and 😉 * !

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