Phones, Puck and clackers

After an entire afternoon of biscotti baking adventures with my girls, the oxygen level in my brain is pretty low right now. This probably isn’t the best time to be writing posts because I tend to ramble when I’m tired and then I’ll start going on about gifts for boys when I’m supposed to be commenting on some news I’ve just come across.

1. iPhone commits suicide on a Qantas flight? You’re kidding me, right? As you know, I’ve been toying around with which smartphone to buy since my beloved pocket PC is cranking up. So now should I rightly be thinking twice about that iPhone, you think?

2. Finally some chef person, Wolfgang Puck, I think is his name, has come out and said he doesn’t care for Starbucks coffee. Now that’s some guts, I tell ya, going against the grain like that. I mean there are so many popular names out there that I really don’t care for but if I’d been the one to come out and say that, I’d have people on my back bashing me up.

3. Funny as this may sound, some folks I know are still in typewriter mode. For some strange reason, they think Microsoft Word is the latest model typewriter. Um, sorry to bust your bubble but Word can do a ton, and I mean a ton, of stuff that your regular old clacker can’t. So listen up, you gotta roll with the times, peeps!

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