Racing with Murphy

The girls and I have been mostly cooped up at home all weekend. I think we may well have run out of malls to crawl, if that’s even possible and we’ve moved on to greener pastures? That’s a story for another day. In other news, the weather’s been weird this year. Anyone noticed that?

This is the morning sky that greets us as we head out to the gym just before 7:00 in the morning. For all intents and purposes, it looks like the beginning of another blazing hot day in Tropical unParadise.

By early afternoon, the grey clouds are having a face-off with the white. It’s hot and sunny up till this point so it’s anyone’s guess which way the weather will go.

By late afternoon, there’s no mistaking who is winning. Thunder is a lot like labor contractions. The first rumbles are spaced fairly far apart. As the flashes and growls grow closer and louder, the skies unleash bucketfuls sending us on a mad scramble to unplug our precious modem before it gets fried.

Today we raced through groceries hoping to beat the rain. But Murphy beat us by 20 seconds. But of course! It was pouring elephants and tigers when we got to the exit. We’re city folks which makes us terribly impatient. We couldn’t just stand there like normal people and wait for the rain to ease up.

We had to make a run for it, make a mad dash to the car with our just-bought tissue boxes over our heads. That’s us 🙄 ! Smack in the middle of the downpour, we were throwing everything (except the eggs!) into the back of my minivan and just as we were pulling away, the rain trickled to a bare drizzle! Thanks, Murphy, that’s real considerate of you.

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