Always a blast

Have I ever mentioned what a blast I have with the classes I teach? Truth is I do, and this time, it’s no different. I have a class of students from far-flung countries. It’s a mix of college kids and adults in their 20’s and 30’s. I have a guy who works in real estate and another who is never far from his medical computer.

It’s great. Even as I’m teaching them English, I’m learning about their countries and cultures. I usually get to class early and as the students start rolling in, some of them would come up and chat with me. It’s a great opportunity for them to practise their English and for me to get to know them better.

I get asked some pretty wild questions which often center around origins and families going way back to the why’s and wherefore’s. Now that’s gotten me wondering about my grandparents and great-grandparents, and that whole ancestral bit – seriously 😆 .

We had a class about food and one of the guys offered to take me to lunch to try the food from his country. On and off, someone would offer me a small snack before class. Between the bag of M&Ms I brought to class yesterday and the speed word game we had afterwards, I think we’re all good for a great start to the weekend.

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