The secret admirer

Here’s a funny story that my girl friend and I still laugh about when we get together. Back in the early years when we were both working fulltime, we often lamented that we were married to two of the most unromantic creatures in the world. Sad but true. Why is it that the world’s most hopelessly romantic women somehow wind up with the world’s most unromantic husbands?

In all my married life, I’ve only received flowers once, and my girl friend, never!! While we were always looking for birthday and anniversary gift ideas, we never got a single petal in return. She was going on about how her co-workers were always receiving flowers and proudly displaying them at their desks, and she had nothing to show. Yeah, sad, I know. No one ever sent me flowers either. I could so relate. And so you have it – a pity party in progress!

Suddenly I jumped up and said, hey, why don’t I send you flowers on your next birthday and you can strut them around your office? And so that’s how this little annual ritual of ours got started. I would order flowers to be delivered to her office, signed “Happy Birthday, From your secret admirer” and she would do the same. For years, that’s how we redeemed ourselves in the eyes of our co-workers.

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  • Michelle

    That is funny, and really smart. My husband isn’t the most romantic guy either. I usually get something useful or that he thought I’d enjoy. For our anniversary this year I got Dance Central 2…yeah, that screams romance! But it is better than my first Mother’s Day gift, which was those sex dice (I think they were glow in the dark, too). However, he has his moments. Last year, when his unit was having their farewell dinner and we were one of the leaving families, he stood up to thank everyone (most of the husbands have to be reminded to thank their wives). He called me up and presented me with flowers and a gift, and honored me in front of his entire unit. Oh yeah, that makes up for the sex dice!

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  • Stephanie @ 4Eighteen

    Haha, that is so funny and such a great idea! Now that’s the true meaning of “that’s what friends are for”!

    New follower from

    Hope you’ll come by and visit some time! Have a great day!