Grapefruit juice rediscovered

I recently rediscovered grapefruit and now we officially heart fresh grapefruit juice. Grapefruit on its own is alright but it tastes so much better when juiced. It’s a little bitter so some sugared syrup can go a long way in taking some of that edge off. But I prefer mine neat though 😉 .

Obviously grapefruit, like all other fruits, comes with a whole bunch of benefits. Having said that, not all fruits are created equal and we definitely have a winner here. Besides being a powerhouse of Vitamin C, grapefruit juice also ranks among the highest in antioxidant activity. Its rich pink and red colors are attributed to the heavy presence of lycopene, a antioxidant with anti-tumor qualities.

On top of that, grapefruit does a great job of lowering your cholesterol and preventing kidney stones. It all sounds really good but before you go off on yet another taxi run, you’ll want to have a glass of fresh grapefruit in the fridge awaiting your return from all that running around.

So do you care for grapefruit juice? If not, what’s the favorite juice in your household?

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