And this is what always happens to me

I don’t know how I did it but I survived the first week of school. I’m teaching 2 intensive English classes and any time you’re teaching more than one class, things can get a little sticky. For me, anyways. In case you didn’t know or have forgotten, I’m a bit of a big klutz. Nothing I can do about it, I was just born this way.

That said, I am actually excited to be back at work – if you can believe that.

First day of class. I’ve learnt to expect the unexpected. So I try to show up early so I’ll have those few precious minutes before class to sit at my desk (oh, did I mention they gave me my own desk at the office?) to collect my stuff and my thoughts before I go hunting for my classroom which I can almost never find without going 3 times round the block!

Just for the record, I did lose my way to class. I was on the right floor (surprise, surprise!) and since I had no idea which side to turn, I decided to turn right. Wrong! Right is almost never right for me, at least, and I ended up asking for directions.

Second day of class. I figured, now what else could go wrong, right? Well, the good news is I found my classroom (in another wing) with no problems and was just getting my books out and settling down to wait for my students. A few odd students strolled in and seemed puzzled to see me. I told them I was having my class there, so maybe they were in the wrong class.

Then someone else walked in again to question what class was this. I looked this person up and down, and repeated what I’d told the 5 other people before her, only to be told she was the teacher and that I was in her classroom! Em-baaa-rrra-sssingg!

What embarrassing things have you done or heard of? I really need to know to feel better 😆 .

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One Comment

  • Chelle

    How funny. I guess it’s only fitting a teacher would end up in the wrong classroom since students do it all the time.
    Stopping by from the Monday Monkey Blog Hop!
    Have a great week!!