The beginning of manic

I had a great weekend. Did you? We slept in, ate out, shopped. And now manic times are about to begin at the Hip household…

I’m going back to work this week. I know it’s completely out of the blue. I’ve been offered a part-time English teaching gig at college. Pretty exciting, huh? I picked up my books and teaching materials this morning and now I have ‘homework’ to do – teaching plans, handouts, games, exam questions, the works!

On the home front, we’ll have to get into some new routines on the days that I’m working. First off, gym will have to take a backseat. That’s a big boo-hoo but I’m sure we’ll find a way to get around that. In the mornings, after I drop Hip2bDaughter1 off at her college, I’ll head straight to my college and when I’m done with my classes, I’ll head back over to hers to pick her up.

Meantime, Hip2bDaughter2, my feisty 15-year-old, will be manning the kitchen for me. She’s in charge of cooking us lunch, well, until she runs out of recipes, so she says, but I’ll make sure she doesn’t 😉 . And I’m all set. Stay tuned for more stories from the work front. Here we go… 😉 !

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