The chauffeur

Three days ago, Raine, my darling 17-year-old, hopped into a sardine can of a car (it’s so small you can practically put it in your pocket, yes!) with a strange man. Yes, the driving lessons have begun!

Her driving instructor is the same guy who taught Steev. He was so patient with Steev that I just had to get him back. Raine, however, is just a little less than enthusiastic about learning to drive. Like her mama, she much prefers to be driven.

Oftentimes while sitting in rush hour traffic, I would reminisce about the days when I was dropped off at college and at work by the family chauffeur. Those were the days. All I had to do was get in the car and be magically transported. Nice!

No throbbing head, no fugly 2-tone arms, no overworking my middle finger! No circling like a hawk for a parking spot, no loitering in “no stopping” zones, no double parking hoping I won’t get caught. No matter how long the road, how bad the traffic or what time it was, I would arrive with nary a hair out of place.

Life doesn’t get much better than that. That was before I stupidly got married and moved out. That’s why they say love is blind. How could I not have seen that I would end up being the chauffeur, rain or shine, any time, any day 🙄 .

Dare I even dream now that my secret wish might come true – that I would soon have a chauffeur at my beck and call? Then again, doesn’t she only want to be driven? 😉

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  • Lea

    Awe, she’ll be driving you soon enough 😉 I found your blog through Blog Hops Everyday. I am stopping by to say hello and follow via your Google Friend Connect. It’s great to meet you and have the opportunity to check out your blog. I invite you to visit to learn more about my family and blog topics. Hugs & Blessings 🙂