Getting my kiss-a-day-a on!

Well, these may look be quesadillas to you but to me, they’re kissadayas. Read on…

Months ago, I tried my hand at homemade quesadilla. I used pizza base then as I didn’t have any tortillas and my quesadillas were so ugly πŸ˜† . But this time, I’ve got the tortillas so I made meatless quesadilla for our vegetarian Saturday!

You know me, I don’t really have a recipe for anything. I just kinda slap everything together. Spread some pasta sauce on and have the girls layer on the onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers and way too much cheese. Fold, press, shove into a preheated oven and wait impatiently for it to beep four times.

Man, these quesadillas are dabomb! Raine couldn’t resist lifting up the top of the crunchy shell to take a sneak peek inside. Scrumptious and healthy! Better yet, I earned myself a cheekful of cheese-y kisses from Skye for a meal she can’t wait to eat again. Go kiss-adayas!!

The good news is I’ve got 4 more of these amigos in my fridge ready to pop into the oven tomorrow. Worth at least 4 more cheese-y kisses πŸ˜‰ !

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