Raine heard about a book sale from a friend and of course, my 2 bookworms instantly proclaimed they wanted to go! What can I say? We never buy books at regular prices because the regular prices here are downright ridiculous!

We only shop when there’s a book sale which happens like maybe once a year. The girls know I will always indulge them when it comes to books and reading. So off we drove 40+ km away to the middle of nowhere, and arrived an hour later at a huge warehouse full of books.

We brought our recyclable bags, highly anticipating that we would walk away with a good haul. At the last book sale, we carted away some 40 books! This time, we made 2 rounds of the entire warehouse, and the girls found NOT ONE book to buy. Not one!

Half an hour in there and we came away empty-handed!

With nothing to show for our 40km drive, we decided to go for lunch. As we were leaving, it started to storm – big. Unfamiliar with those parts of the woods, we turned into the first restaurant in sight. Which turned out to be one of those seafood restaurants featuring live lobsters, fish and other exotic sea creatures on Death Row, waiting to be made into someone’s hearty meal.

If you know me, you know it’s impossible for me to make that call. Faced once again with a waitress who gave us weird looks for infamously walking into yet another seafood restaurant and not ordering any seafood, we ordered a simple meal of pork ribs in herbal soup, claypot tofu and veggie stirfry.

And that was our weekend adventure 🙄 !

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  • Amber--JadeLouise Designs

    Oh how incredibly Sad! Not a single book? 🙁
    I’m so sorry! I know that disappointment. When we lived in Germany we would often drive around to different Bazaars looking for amazing German Products; but towards the end of our time in Germany the Bazaars got rather sad as the US army wasn’t bringing in the GOOD vendors any longer–only the ones with Chinese made items..not German made. It was rather sad!
    But we’d always go out to an authentic European cafe for lunch to try to make up for our disappointment.

    Hi from your newest GFC Follower; stopping by via the Monday Blog hop from jadelouisedesigns.com; you are welcome to visit!

  • Sara

    That is too bad that you guys weren’t able to find any new books. I hate paying full price for books too. It is way too expensive especially kids books.