A song for every occasion

We’re being ‘entertained’ by the sounds of endless drilling, hammering and knocking coming from next door. The racket is going on. all. day. long so much so we practically have to shout to be heard!

Well, it’s not only our talking that’s interrupted, it seems. So is my singing. Every time I burst into song, I have to compete with the racket outside. And it seems that I do burst into song quite often over the course of the day. Before this, I just hadn’t realized how often.

Apparently I have a song for every occasion too. Sometimes I’m inspired by my girls’ show of affection. Like if they ask if I love them, I would jokingly burst into Michael Bolton’s “Said I Loved You But I Lied”.

Sometimes my answer to a question might be from a song. For instance, when my girls are shouting for me downstairs to hurry up or they’ll be late for class, I would reply with Michael McDonald’s “Ya Mo Be There”.

Or if my girls complain that they’re bored, my answer would be the Bee Gees’ “You Should be Dancing Studying, yeah!” Gets them every time 😉 ! Or if they’re asking where I’ve been, I’m likely to go “Splish splash, I was taking a bath”!

You get the picture! This bursting into song is quite involuntary, and yes, I know I’m weird and whacky but it’s fun and my kids love it.

Are you guilty of being a whacky mom too and what fun things do you do with your kids?


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