Crazy days and hurricane hair

The days have been flying. Talk about super busy. Between the long weekends, daily rush, impromptu runarounds, a huge dose of stress and 2 bouts of flu that swept through the Hip household, there’s hardly been time for much else. Not surprising then that a couple of things got tossed to the back burner for, what, a whole month?

Like gym, for instance. A whole month? No kidding? Not that I’m consumed with guilt either 😆 . I mean, if you’re busy, you’re busy, right? Exercise and eating aren’t necessarily direct functions of each other. Not to me at least. The more I run around, the hungrier I get and the more energy I need, right? So yes, I still eat.

I just don’t like feeling lazy and complacent. That’s what nags at me. So we started back again this past week. There were a few false starts to make way for Raine’s quizzes and assignments. But we had a great first week back and some sore muscles but that’s to be expected after such a long break.

Oh, and I finally made it over to Nick’s after my third reschedule! My hair is now 2 inches shorter and the bounce in my step is 2 lbs lighter 😆 . I call it my hurricane hair, short and simple, the kind that lets you whirl out the door with just a few good shakes. Busy mom has no time to fix her hair. Love my hurricane hair so much I made an apple pie for Nick, our hair-o.

Is it just me or did September zoom by for you too?

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