Are you lost without your cell phone?

Halfway down the highway, Raine realized she’d left her cell phone on the charger at home. Even if we weren’t running late, it’d be silly to make a turn back to get it. So I offered to lend her mine. No big deal, she only has a 2-hour class, then she’s done for the day.

After she hopped out of the car, my mind stayed on my cell phone. What if my cranky car breaks down? What if Hollywood calls with an acting offer? What if Tyson (our beagle) gets a tummy ache and calls me from his cell phone? 😉 I never thought the day would come when I would feel lost without my cell. Seriously! But there I was.

Sure, my cell is old and wonky and hardly ever rings. I don’t talk/text/tweet and drive. And I’m not expecting any important calls. But still somehow I felt alone, disconnected, unplugged, cut off from the rest of the world. Wow, scary how we’ve come to rely so much on technology and being in constant touch, eh!

If you didn’t have your cell phone with you, would you feel lost? What would you miss most about it?

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  • Beader Bubbe

    🙄 It is amazing that we lived without cell phones at one time….but now they have become an appendage of ourselves…..but there is hope. In July we went on a 7 day cruise and actually turned those phones off….and we lived to tell about it…but as soon as we docked in NY….they went on again…..a small step…but one nonetheless…..

  • Jess

    I would be lost without my cell phone!! My phone is not cool at all but if I did not have it with I would probably get a flat tire on a road that no one drives on out in the middle of no where!! I am your newest follower! I found your blog on Blog Hops Everyday!! I would love a follow back. Thanks, Jess at

  • Sara

    I don’t have a cell phone anymore because it just isn’t practicle I dont go out too much now that we live in the country BUT when i lived in down, i started having withdrawls if my cell phone wasn’t with me. If an emergency happened I would need the cell phone.