Where was this picture taken?

Notice anything different about this blog? Yup, I had made a new header. The result of an idle mind. I was rummaging through some photos from my 2 trips to Cali last year and found a photo that Hip2bDaughter2 took. As you can see, each tile is different. Some are drawings, some are text and some have objects stuck on. Too cute.

Does anyone recognize where this picture was taken?

Let’s have a bit of fun here to brighten up another manic Monday. Leave your answer/guess in the comment box and let’s see who gets it right 😉 . The correct answer will be posted later.

Edited to add – Hint, picture is part of a wall in a public place with high foot and air traffic.

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  • meg isaacs

    Wow… have no idea. Of course, I have never been out that way… so that might be why! lol 🙂

    Im a new follower and happy to be doing so! It would be great if you could follow back! Have a lovely day,
    meg <

  • TwinsWithTots

    Great new header. I like the color variation the tiles make. Very visual fun to look at
    found u thru triple threat and hope u will chk us out too at our twitter, GFC and FB page
    be well!

    Cathy and Becca