Nosing around the neighborhood

This is quite the busy weekend, most of it spent looking around the neighborhood for Tyson who has cleverly figured a way to beat the gate and escape into the big bad world out there. The gate is there for his own good, to keep him in so he doesn’t go missing…

… like our friend’s beagle that broke free and was never seen again and our friend has been wondering ever since if there’s such a thing as insurance for dogs 😆 . But Tyson being the incredibly brilliant beagle that he is (yes, I’m amazed!) is perpetually planning new and more creative escapades.

Yesterday when we discovered him missing (again!), it was just starting to storm outside. We split up in different directions to look for him. The fierce lightning flashes and rolling thunder didn’t help as we took off on foot and later decided to jump in the car to speed up the process.

We found him on the road behind our house happily sniffing the tires of parked cars without a care in the world. Huge sigh of relief!

Do you have a smart pet who is always making life interesting for you?

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