Our very own big O

Back in college, I received a pot of beautiful pink petunias as a gift. My very own plant, yay! I’m going to take good care of you, I whispered to my new companion. First thing after class every day, I would check on my prized petunias. Indeed I never wavered on my promise to water those babies and take the pot out to the balcony for a quick bit of sun every.day.

Not until the day I left my petunias out on the balcony in the summer heat of over 100 degrees F and forgot to bring the pot in. By the time I realized it, it was too late! My petunias had lowered their heads in a last ditch attempt to shield their faces from the blazing sun and turned to toast when I failed to come to their rescue.

Clearly I’m no green thumb. Everything I’ve grown, or tried to grow, has inadvertently committed suicide all too soon. Hence the reason why my little garden out front is bare, much like Mother Hubbard’s cupboard.

Not too long ago, an aunt of mine, our family’s bearer of birth announcements from far and near, stopped by to announce that a cousin has delivered a bouncing baby boy which by the way, is how I stay updated on the headcount in the clan.

As usual, Aunt Green Thumb paced around my piddly little garden and lamented its lack of living vegetation. While I was upstairs wrapping a gift for said cousin’s newborn, Aunt Green Thumb took it upon herself to do a quick bit of gardening on my behalf.

And behold, we have okra!

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  • Jona

    I had plants died in my care too. but now, i have another set of baby bell pepper plants growing. when I showed it to my hubby, he told me that I have another set to wilt. i told him i won’t let him taste it when it bears fruit, hmp! 😀
    visiting from weekend gathering hops…