Junk or treasure?

Remember I mentioned in an earlier post that my girls did a bit of cleaning up. I was thrilled, of course. Tell me which mom wouldn’t love for her daughters to do the cleaning without her lifting a finger? In my case, I even got a bonus. Skye found this little baby sitting at the bottom of her drawer. Darling, isn’t it?

I wonder if she’s got any other treasures lurking in there somewhere 😀 . Apparently Skye doesn’t quite consider this a treasure. I love collecting junk, she confesses with a cheeky grin. Would you consider this junk or treasure?

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  • Ellie Pongratz

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    Have a wonderful week.

  • Beader Bubbe

    Guilty….def treasure….although would have loved it better if it was a butterfly….that is my hang up….anything with butterflies; but elephants are good luck….have a great weekend. 🙂

  • Jennifer shelton

    Hi, Im a new follower from Sunday Social Blog Hop, loving the blog! I would love to invite you to follow me, jenni-reviews.blogspot.com
    Thanks so much! have a great day!

    I think it would be a tresure! 🙂 Its really cute and would look cute on a coffee table or a book shelf 🙂