A thought for others

Apart from the usual groceries and eating out, we’ve been tracking the progress of Happy Feet, the emperor penguin who somehow made his way from the South Pole to New Zealand in June and was recently released back into the ocean to find his way home to the Antarctica.

It’s a 2,000 km journey back home for a little penguin in a vast ocean so obviously we, like a lot of folks all over the world, are concerned. What’s even more worrying is that his tracking device hasn’t been updating his location for the past few days. Skye, our animal lover, confessed she said a prayer for Happy Feet that he would find his way safely home to his family.

We also spent some time on the internet looking at the 911 pictures in the news and feeling incredibly saddened (again). It’s as incomprehensible today as it was back then. It was indeed a sad day for mankind. Our thoughts are with those who have lost their loved ones and those whose lives have been changed forever. I hope they find the space and time to heal and move on.

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